4 ways to Avoid suffering

4 ways to Avoid suffering

Disclaimer:  It’s important to note that the failure to have basic needs met (food, water, shelter) and clinical mental illness cause very real psychological harm, and four quick tips from a random blog will not solve those harms.

1.) Realize That Pain And Suffering Are On Different Axes

When we ask questions about the quality of a person’s life, our questions are almost always pointed towards the external world. How much money do you make? How many hours do you work per week? Have you gotten to travel at all? Do you have any hobbies? This implies that if we want to live a better life we must change the external world, but peace and joy are independent from the physical world. Across the world, across different socioeconomic classes, across different life situations, there will always be people who are content and at peace with their lives. On the flip side, plenty of people suffer despite the various circumstances they experience. I’ve seen wealthy people who are deeply unhappy, have horrible marriages, and constantly stressed by work, and I’ve seen people working lower income jobs that seem to emanate sunshine. Our physical circumstances do not determine whether or not we find joy in our lives because pain and suffering exist on different axes.

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