About me
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About me

I struggled to come up with what to write for this page for a long time. I decided it would be easiest to break myself up into five different categories and just explain each of them separately.

A Writer

Whether it be trying to capture my romantic fantasies, filling out my daily journal, or explaining my existential ideas, I’ve always found writing an outlet to share my perspective with others. During high school, I wrote sparingly. I spent most of my time slogging through the school day and mountains of homework, but during my gap year, writing has become the predominant activity in my life. In addition to this blog, I spend an hour a day writing a novel. Though I’m not too hopeful about the prospects of my novel, I’ve found fiction writing a great way to examine myself through the lens of other characters, and I use the ideas I learn to write more stories (and hopefully blog posts). It’s beautifully cyclical. If there is anything I hope to accomplish with this blog, it is for my writing to influence you a fraction of the way these ideas have influenced me. 

An Examiner

There’s a Socrates quote I’ve been thinking about a lot recently: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In my mind, life is a game, and the more I can understand the rules of this game–how it works, what the rules are, what the objectives are–the better I’ll be at living life. This naturally translates into learning about all different types of subjects–philosophy, psychology, religion, biographies. I make it a point to read an hour of non-fiction a day to learn more about different perspectives on how to live, and I try to incorporate the things I learned into my life. Ultimately, I think it boils down to my desire to be conscious. I want to be aware of the way I’m living my life and the reasons that I do the things I do, and when I find areas of my life that lacking in, I try to learn as much as I can. It’s funny though, that the more I learn about the world the more I’m realizing I know so little. 

An Ardent Romantic

Most of my mental energy throughout my entire life has been spent in the pursuit of girls or in bettering myself so girls would like me, so everything else in my life has just been the leftovers of my pursuit of a fantastical romance. I consider myself a hopeless romantic, absorbing romance through every possible medium: movies, books, tv shows, Tik Tok, anime.

An Explorer

I consider myself extremely receptive to life’s experiences. Irrelevant from some cosmic meaning or what I perceive the meaning of life to be (spoiler: nothing), I seek new experiences out of the sheer curiosity about the things I have yet to know. Everything from spontaneous trips to meeting strangers, to wanting to fall in love. I always use the example that something some part of me is extremely curious to experience is what it feels like to be cheated on. To make perfectly clear, I do not WANT to be cheated on, but some morbid part of me wants to know so badly what it feels like to be completely and totally in love with someone and to put your trust in that person, only to have it all crumble down in your face. Again, that sounds like an awful and scarring experience, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, yet I remain curious.

An Enjoyer of Things

These are just some of my hobbies/things I like:

Anime-(One Piece and Oregairu).

Books-(Six of Crows Duology and Looking For Alaska)

Sand and indoor volleyball (Yes, I’m a Haikyuu fan)

TV shows- (HIMYM, New Girl, Itaewon Class)

Ice Cream (The best food in the world)

League of Legends and TFT (Currently a recovering addict)